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 Linda's Shopping Guide Page.

   The URL for Linda's Shopping Guide is The On-lineconnection name was registered some 12 years  ago and had a page ranking of 2.  It was a web site for a real paper and ink newspaper about the internet and computers.  2 years ago the paper was sold but the web site remained.  At first we were going to make a travel site, but it has evolved into a shopping site. Today the site is still evolving but it is all shopping.  It has no products of it's own to sell but is 100% all Affiliates from LinkShare and they are all free.  There are 119 Affiliates on the site.  It took 6 months for our first check.  It was $7.41.  We were very impressed because unlike Pay Per Click adds that get pennies per click this was the commission from one purchase.  We are now into our 3rd year and the checks now come every month.  We passed the $100.00 per month mark in the beginning of the second year and are now just passing the $1000.00 per month mark.  Linda's Shopping Guide is put together with Microsoft Front Page and was our work in progress experiment.  Initially we put a lot of hours into the site but now all we have to do is update the coupons and discounts that have dates on them and wait for customers to go shopping.  One thing that we have found is that once customers have had a positive shopping experience on your web site they will  continue to shop your site and continue to come back again and again.                      

   The Affiliate page is deceivingly small.  Only 2 items.  Through LinkShare you can obtain literally hundreds of affiliates.  Click on the link below to sign up or just to look.

 LinkShare  Referral  Prg

   The secret to success on the web is the number of visitors you can generate per Hour, per Day, or per Month.  If you get 10 visitors a day you will not make any money.  But if you have 1000 visitors per day then you have a pretty good start.  Making money on the web is not a get rich quick situation regardless of what people have told you.  You have to have a reason for people to come to your site.  And it takes time for the search engines to find you and for every thing to start to work.  Then you will start to make money. 

   One of the ways to gain visitors is to be listed higher with the search engines.  This is why we started with this URL because it already had a Page Rank (PR) with Google of 2.  The second thing we did was to start a Reciprocal Link section. 

   Reciprocal Links have little or nothing to do with the subject of your web site.  It would be better if they did but their PR and the fact that they are linked to your site are the most important. This is not a mystery. But it is a popularity contest.  There are so many people that want the same thing that you do that you can sign up for free and they will send you their web site address as long as you link to them. The link below is to Link Helpers. We use them exclusively for our Reciprocal Links and its free.     

   The URL is registered with and has all the free benefits provided with that service.

   If you are starting from scratch, it is a lot of work and time.  If you have a Web site that has really good traffic you have a lot better head start.  If you realize that making money on the web is not a get rich quick situation then start now and in a year or so you should be making enough money to pay your mortgage payments.   

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