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Affiliate Program Page.

Now we have to have something to sell, or make money from.
Lets start with an Affiliate Program.

GOOD UNTIL DEC. 31, 2010

   This link will take you to Link Share. This is an Affiliate company and it is Free. You can pick out the Merchants that best suites your web site. This service costs you nothing and you can make some nice commissions. If you can cut and paste you can have as many Merchants as you want on your Web site.

   Now we need to think about promoting your web site. You should always have the opportunity for visitors to register their Email addresses. Below is a link that will take you to Vertical Response. A company that will help you promote and keep in touch with all your visitors or customers through Email. Make sure you try the Free Test Drive.


   VerticalResponse, Inc. is the leading provider of self-service and customized direct marketing solutions, empowering small and medium sized businesses to build, control and measure their own direct marketing campaigns. Build, send and track email campaigns in minutes with VerticalResponse. No contracts, no hosting fees, no monthly fees, no support fees. You only pay for email delivery . . . about a penny per email. VerticalResponse offers an easy-to-use web-based tool that gets you up and running with opt-in email campaigns in minutes - and gets your email delivered. With VerticalResponse, it's easy to send professionally designed, attention getting emails and then watch as the results roll in. VerticalResponse handles it all - and that includes technical support!

GOOD UNTIL OCT. 16, 2015
Now that you have obtained your Affiliates and some promotional
abilities, lets move on to something more advanced.
Click Here this will take you to the Reseller Page.