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    Pak Fook Water Purifier accessories company specializing in the production of RO pure water machine, the United States of America Dow membrane, pressure barrels, small connectivity, PE, filter, filter shell and a direct-drinking pure water machine parts, water purifier products and accessories. Shenzhen City Baifukang environmental protection science and technology limited company is located in the mountains and sea, the beautiful coastal city - Shenzhen, founded in 2000, is a set design, production and services in one of the modern enterprise.

    Over the years the company adhering to the " innovation to survive, develop in order to expand " concept and the "meticulous manufacture, refine on " the quality policy, and constantly committed to the water treatment technology and equipment research and development, draw lessons from domestic and foreign similar products and advanced technology a comprehensive analysis of various regions of different consumer groups, and constantly develop new products, products structure scientific, safe performance, excellent quality, novel appearance, to the industry as well as countless families, to provide professional and high function of water purification equipment.

    The company now has injection molding, metal processing, surface treatment workshop, assembly workshop, workshop and pressure bucket line detection. The production process with advanced production and testing equipment, technology and experienced professional engineers and management personnel, strict implementation of standardized production, all drinking water equipment in the factory have to undergo strict quality inspection, so that each of the same products from the research and development of packaging shipped to have the exact quality assurance.

    Shenzhen City Baifukang professional production: 1 reverse osmosis for household and commercial water machine, water purifier, water purifier, central water purifier filter element; 2: Wirewound filter, compression of activated carbon filters, resin filter, ceramic filter, PP filter, folded filter, size T33, one PP, 3 pure water machine full set of spare parts: big small connectivity, PE, high voltage switch, solenoid valve, water ratio, explosion-proof filter wrench, size, various direct, elbow, three links, variable joint plastic connector, the size of single card, the single card, RO putamina, 4 manufacturers of direct distribution: RO reverse osmosis membrane, water pump, transformer, pressure barrels; 5 undertake factories, schools, municipal units, hospitals and other places of small medium and large water treatment equipment; ( above all: PAK Fook enterprises the advantages of products, welcome colleagues calls come to discuss the consultation, we will let you: faith and to the satisfaction, welcome )!

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