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   I have spent the last month watching and listening to a 6 CD set from one of the top 4 Internet Marketers. Despite the fact that this site is very small, and I am not trying to sell any of my own products, I have actually included more ways to make money on the web then he did.  You have just received $250.00 worth of information for free and saved a lot of time.  The Affiliate page is deceivingly small.  Only 2 items.  Through LinkShare you can obtain literally hundreds of affiliates.  An example is, Linda’s Shopping Guide.  The entire web site is made up of just Affiliates.  This creates a steady stream of income for it’s owner.  Follow this link to the Linda's Shopping Guide Story. VerticalResponse, Inc. is a really good tool, and in time will be a good necessity.    

   The secret to success on the web is the number of visitors you can generate per Hour, per Day, or per Month.  If you get 10 visitors a day you will not make any money.  But if you have 1000 visitors per day then you have a start.  Making money on the web is not a get rich quick situation regardless of what people have told you.  You have to have a reason for people to come to your site.  And it takes time for the search engines to find you and for every thing to start to work.  Then you will start to make money.

   “MakingMoneyOnTheWebNow” is not just about you having a web site and trying to make some money but it is also about the “Domain Aftermarket”, or the “Domain Secondary Market”.  You can sell Domains, Hosting, Email, and a total of more then 50 products.  Your web sit is already made for you and it includes hosting.  It also includes 24/7 Technical Support, a Forum, a Blog, a weekly Chat, and a monthly Pod Cast.  Checkout the Resellers Page, and click on the different items.  There are incentives for you when you sign up.  A Basic Reseller gets $100 Google® AdWords® credit. This is a Free Bonus of $100 you can use on Google.  A Pro Reseller gets $200 Google® AdWords® credit.  This is a Free Bonus of $200 you can use on Google.  This is more money then it cost you to sign up.  You also get a bunch of services free when you sign up for either Basic or Pro Reseller.  These are actual items that you would be selling, so they give you one of each to use so that you can understand what your selling. 

Free services: 
Traffic Blazer®
Express Email Marketing®
Secure SSL Certificate
Online File Folder
Deluxe Email Account
Google® AdWords® Credit
WebSite Tonight
Reseller Handbook
24/7 Support for you and, optionally, for your customers!
30-day Money-Back Guarantee
Quick Start Marketing Guide
Online Sales and Activity Reporting

   If you are starting from scratch, it is a lot of work and time.  If you have a Web site that has really good traffic you have a lot better head start.  If you realize that making money on the web is not  a get rich quick situation then start now and in a year or so you should be making enough money to pay your mortgage payments.   

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